Balinese Cooking Class

Discover a great way to spend your leisure time at Ubud in an absolutely awesome manner.

There is truly no quicker way to immerse yourself in the local culture and to indulge in its food other than participating in a Balinese cooking class during your holiday. It will be cool to meet new people, have fun, learn how to cook and at the end eat an extraordinary delicious Balinese dishes. What a better way to taste Bali traditional cuisine than learning how to cook it as well!

Strategically located in the most desirable areas of Ubud, Cooking Class at Nia Ubud is deliciously fun, interactive and suitable for everyone. It is an immersive way to discover authentic and typical Balinese dishes, a great source of enchanting insight into Balinese secret way of life, beliefs and culture. We offer an intimate and warm environment where our professional Chef share their knowledge and experience on recipes, interesting cooking techniques and culinary myths. Participants will be guided step by step through a fun-filled, completely hands-on course, with emphasis on experiencing the art of Balinese cooking in a relaxed social environment. At Nia Ubud Cooking class, you will become familiar with the fresh herbs, spices and other ingredients. You will impressed with the number of dishes you made in a relatively short space of time including satay varieties, deliciously moist steamed tuna in banana leaf, fresh green papaya salad, a range of healthy desserts, and other Balinese delicacies. If you love to cook specific food of vegetarian, we can adapt the menu to vegetarians or allergic people, so just let us know your booking in advance so we can accommodate you. You will end up the class with happily full stomachs, hugs and, of course, smiles and see the transformation in your cooking by joining our cooking classes.

No matter what your reason is, Nia Ubud cooking class is guaranteed to treat your taste buds while expanding your culinary skills whether you want to learn how to cook new dishes for your family, become a professional chef someday, an individual indulgence, a couples’ bonding experience, fun family activity, corporate team building or private group cooking. Only for half a day in the afternoon, you will learn and enjoy the cooking lessons with genuine and traditional Balinese recipes which are properly and accurately transferred together with secrets, tips and tricks. Our class open every day from Monday to Sunday at 1 pm up to 11 pm which surely suit your time frame. It suits for anyone as well, from beginners to experienced cooks, and perfect for those with limited travel time.

Cooking Class Menu

NIA UBUD Join us for a Cooking Class

Experience a better way to cook authentic Balinese dishes at home with Nia Ubud Cooking Class. You don’t have to be a trained chef or having excellent understanding of ingredients to make insanely delicious food. We have the recipes, the coolest tricks and shortcuts to make cooking the most fun you’ve ever had and to giving you a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

We offers a wide variety of delicious menus you can then prepare once you’re back home. Just have a look and try our menus which can be tailored to your preferences, to cater both meat-eaters and vegetarians from appetizer to dessert. You will experiment with new tastes, new textures, often completely new ingredients all together combine with interesting techniques,
to build your knowledge of Balinese delicacies. With so many menu ideas, you can pick and choose some of the menu items to create your own customized menu.

1. Sate Lilit (Miced Seafood Satay)
2. Lawar Gedang (Green Papaya Salad)
3. Gado-Gado (Mix Salad)
4. Beef Rendang
5. Friend Rice
6. Tofu Fritters
7. Fresh Sambal
8. Black Rice Pudding

– Traditional Market Tour
– Morning Tea
– Class Time With 12 Menu
– Lunch
– Certificate
– Cookbook

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Our Location

Located in the most desirable and strategic areas of Ubud, precisely at Jalan Raya Ubud No.24, just in the heart of Ubud ‘Nia Ubud Cooking Class’ will immerse you right in the atmosphere of Balinese life and culture. It’s perfectly located as we are closer and all within walking distance to many life attractions and other places of cultural and religious significance. Our prime location will surely ease you to explore almost the best part of Ubud including Ubud royal palace, Puri Lukisan Museum, and Famous Monkey forest. You will prepare every dish by yourself before enjoying a nice and friendly dinning sitting. To complement your day, we provide return transfer services with no charges for Ubud Area.


Balinese Cooking Class
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